December 24th, 2006

  Happy Holidays from the Boondock Saints

From all of us here at Boondock Central -
to all of you, the fans who make it all possible -

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

Thank you for a great 2006.

May 2007 be your best year yet.

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December 16th, 2006

  ZuZu WINS!!!

Hands down - with no question - and much rightly deserved. ZuZu has WON the Moderator Contest and will momentarily be bumped up to Official Moderator Status!

The rockin’ painting that was at stake is now hers. . .

It’s a no-brainer! ZuZu kicks Ass - No go join the forum and get to know her.

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December 9th, 2006

  The Forum Moderator Contest!

So here’s how this works - We have a fantastic (and very cool) group of folks over on the message boards / forums - If you haven’t signed up for the boards - head over to or click Message Board in the menu above - and get registered - it’s tons of fun over there. . .

Anyhow - we need some help moderating the boards and we want your help to choose the mod. We will be running a nomination thread for this coming week. Hop over to the forums and nominate yourself or anyone else on the boards. At the end of the week we will tally the nominations and create a poll where you can vote on the top 5 nominated members. The winner of the poll gets this kick ass painting signed by Norm and Sean.

Get Registered. Have Fun.

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December 4th, 2006

  A Little History

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