January 11th, 2007

  Official Boondock Saints Flickr Group Launches

Jump over to our new public Flickr group and show us what you’ve got!


Post photos, fan art, anything boondock related and check out what other fans are doing to show their boondock love.

If you’re not a Flickr member it’s free and easy to sign up - jump in and join the pic pool!

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January 4th, 2007

  Big Flickr Update

Check out the official Boondock Saints Flickr to see a substantial update. We have put up a bunch of the pictures you guys have sent in of your tats as well as more wallpapers and some fan art and more. We will continue posting pix on the Flickr.

If you want your Boondock related pic posted - send your pictures to Photos@BoondockSaints.com

If you are flickr user don’t forget to link to our account and spread the good word.

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January 2nd, 2007

  HAPPY 2007

Hi everyone.

Happy New Year!

You helped make 2006 a great year for us. Thank you for your continued support. Lot’s of exciting things coming up in 2007 and you will be the first to know - just keep watching this blog for news and announcements.

Here’s to a great 2007 for all our fans. May it be your best year yet!

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