February 14th, 2008

  New Update

Hey everyone!

       Been quiet because I’ve been busy.  As some of you know we are involved in a lawsuit (we’re the

plaintiffs) stemming from Boondock Saints.  We’re going to trial soon after years of plodding through the justice system at a snail’s pace.  So with that, things are a gettin’ interestin’!

        As to the sequel to BDS, “All Saints Day” I will have some VERY GOOD FUCKING NEWS in a few short weeks.  I know many of you are frustrated and have waited a long time.  But I’ve been on it every day and now we see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of financing the film and shooting the damn thing!         Many of you want to hear about my next project (after the sequel) called “The Good King.” I’m putting together a video thing for that.  I had a few local artists do some art work and I’ll walk you guys through the thing.  I’ll get to it soon.  Keep the faith! 




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