May 18th, 2007

  Troy Duffy Update BDII & Good King

Hey Everyone!

O’kay, here’s the scoop. I know you’re impatient on the sequel. Not be long now, Daniel sahn! Long form contracts and business affairs can be very time consuming but we are close, so keep the faith. Also, we are simultaneously financing my follow up to BDSII, “The Good King.” There are a lot of logistics with this stuff and no one is more frustrated with it all than me. I want to get goin! Action! Cut! Moving on!

I have officially started working on my shot list and something I call my Boondock Bible. That’s how I’m keeping sane while the lawyers argue and wrap this shit up! I’ll get you guys back soon.


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May 10th, 2007


Sunmachine LOGO


Jimi Jackson 

Hey everyone,

This is Jimi Jackson’s new band SUNMACHINEJimi was the drummer for Troy’s band “The Boondock Saints”.  After a bout with brain cancer, he snapped back and is doing fine. Give it a good listen.

CD Cover 

Boondock Management          


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January 11th, 2007

  Official Boondock Saints Flickr Group Launches

Jump over to our new public Flickr group and show us what you’ve got!

Post photos, fan art, anything boondock related and check out what other fans are doing to show their boondock love.

If you’re not a Flickr member it’s free and easy to sign up - jump in and join the pic pool!

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January 4th, 2007

  Big Flickr Update

Check out the official Boondock Saints Flickr to see a substantial update. We have put up a bunch of the pictures you guys have sent in of your tats as well as more wallpapers and some fan art and more. We will continue posting pix on the Flickr.

If you want your Boondock related pic posted - send your pictures to

If you are flickr user don’t forget to link to our account and spread the good word.

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January 2nd, 2007

  HAPPY 2007

Hi everyone.

Happy New Year!

You helped make 2006 a great year for us. Thank you for your continued support. Lot’s of exciting things coming up in 2007 and you will be the first to know - just keep watching this blog for news and announcements.

Here’s to a great 2007 for all our fans. May it be your best year yet!

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December 24th, 2006

  Happy Holidays from the Boondock Saints

From all of us here at Boondock Central -
to all of you, the fans who make it all possible -

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

Thank you for a great 2006.

May 2007 be your best year yet.

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December 16th, 2006

  ZuZu WINS!!!

Hands down - with no question - and much rightly deserved. ZuZu has WON the Moderator Contest and will momentarily be bumped up to Official Moderator Status!

The rockin’ painting that was at stake is now hers. . .

It’s a no-brainer! ZuZu kicks Ass - No go join the forum and get to know her.

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December 9th, 2006

  The Forum Moderator Contest!

So here’s how this works - We have a fantastic (and very cool) group of folks over on the message boards / forums - If you haven’t signed up for the boards - head over to or click Message Board in the menu above - and get registered - it’s tons of fun over there. . .

Anyhow - we need some help moderating the boards and we want your help to choose the mod. We will be running a nomination thread for this coming week. Hop over to the forums and nominate yourself or anyone else on the boards. At the end of the week we will tally the nominations and create a poll where you can vote on the top 5 nominated members. The winner of the poll gets this kick ass painting signed by Norm and Sean.

Get Registered. Have Fun.

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December 4th, 2006

  A Little History

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November 28th, 2006

  Where Have I been?

Hey everyone,

Where have I been? What have I been doing?

I’ve been getting married! Finally made an honest woman out of my Angela. It was a lovely ceremony held at my father’s home in Maine. Then we had the reception at my brothers hotel, just ten minutes away. I recommend that anyone who is getting married invite Ron Jeremy. He was a real hit! After a short honeymoon it was back to hitting the bricks.

On the movie front: We are simultaneously moving to finance my next two pictures, the sequel to Boondock “All Saints Day” and “The Good King.” We’re having tremendous luck on both. More info to follow.

Also, about a month ago, I did a series of interviews for E! network. They are launching a new show called (tenetively) “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” It is all about doing BDS and many of the actors, producers etc participated in it. It should air in about a month, first two weeks of January. Tevo that shit! Boondock fans have never seen anything about BDS on TV because nothing’s been done. This is the first time and the word I’m getting is it’s pretty hot. Check it.

Also, we are refurbishing my entire web presence - Starting with this fan site! There are still a few rough edges we’ll be attending to over the next week or two - I wanted the fans to have a real home on the web - after all, everythign I’ve been able to do since the flick is because of your support. So check back often for lots of great stuff and frequent updates and jump into the forums as well - this is all designed to make it easier for all of us to keep in touch and make sure you guys know what’s going on as soon as I do.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be rolling out major upgrades and overhauls to and the store as well.

Should be cool. That’s all for now.

Keep it stiff.

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